by Ivy Scarborough | April 1st, 2014


Well Jimmy, while Americans are focused on a missing plane, sports, entertainment and their pocketbooks, the considerations below are not broadly noticed:


> Putin has made his move and he will succeed.  There will be no backing up or backing down and the image of power and will – whatever there remains of it – for the U.S. has been dramatically undermined.


> The Ukrainians are appreciative of our stand with them – after all we had convinced them they should eliminate many of their weapons and reduce their military so we could display our loyalty by doing so.


> Putin had to initiate this well before Obama leaves office, and most disturbing is the possibility that he is disciplined enough and has the support of the intelligence/military establishment to work through a long term strategy, not simply seize opportunities.


> Over 2000 people have already been killed this year in the ongoing fighting for Iraq.  So much for our “victory” and the founding of democracy in an Arab state.


> Syria is now more firmly under the boot of Assad than it was a year ago and we are still waiting for the fulfillment of Obama’s and Hillary’s predictions that Assad will go – “it is just a matter of time” – and all the while he gravitates closer to Iran and finds comfort with Putin.


> Benghazi, as I predicted, has long since become a secondary issue focused on not by the American people broadly but a few antagonized citizens on the right.


> Afghanistan – again as I have predicted – is abundant with evidence that our strategy – central to which is our killing of them and their killing of us (or more precisely some of the ½ of 1% of us.) – will not result in a democratic state nor even one disposed to a Western view. Karzai has been affirming Putin and speaking of friendship with the Taliban more and more while making undignified gestures toward the US.  But we persist in keeping our troops there so that they can suffer in order to provide our politicians with the fig leaf that they are doing something to protect the American people.


> China gains at a rapid pace economically and continues to build a massive military – one already exceeding ours in some respects by a large measure and only eclipsed – hopefully – by our superior technology.  But they are shrewd and pragmatic and, as I predicted in Into the Night, will eventually be recognized as the next great world power capable of rivaling us and the Russians.


> Simultaneously Sec Def Hagel lays plans for the reduction of our military to the smallest force since just prior to WWII and some “experts” contend we only need an Army of 125,000 “Spartans” (translation – we can hire these Neanderthals to fight for us and just make sure they are the best killers anywhere in terms of abilities and equipment thereby relieving the rest of us of some financial burden and any concern about risking our necks.). ( Putin, by the way, agrees with this line of reasoning.) That will conveniently reduce the number of Americans doing the killing and dying for the rest of us from ½ of 1% to even lower. This will permit us to be ever more unaware that there is a war going on. Complacency is a wonderful state of mind, especially if you are an American or Christian who does not really want to be bothered!  

> Iran continues work on its “peaceful” development of nuclear energy which they fully plan to unleash in an American city through one of their proxies if we will just continue to accommodate them.


> The Israelis are sweating profusely but hiding it under a lot of “makeup” in order to not embolden their enemies any more than they already are.


> We of course are focused on the issues that “really matter” such as homosexual marriage, discrimination (which apparently has eaten through ever institution and strata of our society!!), green technology and the benefits of shifting to a society where Uncle Sam takes care of everything for us – after all he is doing a superb job already!!


> Somewhere in the midst of all of this clamor, tension, death, fear, selfishness, and folly, we continue to conclude that this being we call “God” is susceptible to our definition of his attributes and our conclusions as to which of his supposed “laws” we need honor.  After all, our philosophical father, Pontius Pilate, expressed it best: “What is truth?”



Though there is so much more to say, I will end here.  Even your considerable immunity to depression and despair may not be impregnable.


Memorial Day is coming up my Fellow American.  We have a lot to remember in pride.  Indeed, only in memory now is there much basis for pride!


But there is one consoling feature for you and all of us – we are getting to live through one of those seismic shifts in world history – the utter collapse of a nation and a civilization.


Pay attention – it is going to get more exciting!!


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