by Ivy Scarborough | October 31st, 2012

by Ivy Scarborough

As I predicted in commentary before he came to office – Obama would do what his ideological and personal views dictated with no regard to his promise of “bringing us together”.

If he wins re-election his arrogance will know no bounds. He will resort to ultra vires acts to bring to fruition his ambition to change America foundationally.

A pattern has emerged in our nation, and is now well established, of ignoring laws and overreaching. A cohesive nation-state of any political structure, democratic or authoritarian, cannot be sustained when laws are ignored or violated with impunity.The evidence is already there, yet largely ignored even by the right (this may be obtuseness as much as indifference). But if Obama is reelected, his actions in this respect will become so apparent that alarm will spread even among some on the left.

All of this is understood readily when viewed with one reality in mind: Obama is not an American – and this is not a reference to the issue of his place of birth.

Historians and sociologists have acknowledged for decades the existence of an “American Creed”, a set of beliefs and values that have characterized Americans of different parties, ethnicities, races, throughout our history. This Creed has been the cohesive force that has kept the nation together.Being an American is a state of mind, a philosophy and a set of beliefs more than anything else. No nation in history has ever been so clearly defined by ideas and beliefs as contrasted with geography, race, ethnicity, etc.

We have elevated to the White House a man whose life and choices are compelling evidence that he does not subscribe to this Creed. This is analogous to an agnostic elevated to the Papacy.The sheep-like behavior of a large segment of the American people has created a situation in which a nation is led by a man who does not believe in the very principles and values for which the nation has historically been known – and to which many of them would profess to subscribe.

The highest level of culpability for this state of affairs is with the American media which have liberated themselves of their last remaining scruples. The historian Arnold Toynbee noted that the “moral responsibility” for the decay and decline of a nation always lies most heavily on the shoulders of “the dominant minority” – which surely would include the American media.Yet there is an incipient irony here worthy of another prediction: If Obama wins re-election some of his supporters in the media will gradually turn on him. His incompetence and perfidy will become so obvious that they will no longer countenance having their names associated with his. If he loses, the retrospective of history will begin to more fully expose the reality of who Obama was. Embarrassed members of the media will then disingenuously disavow that they ever were enthusiastic supporters.

Yet the far more dangerous and frightening aspect of this is the acquiescence of the American people. Though much here should be evident to anyone, as with all forms of deceit, what I call the Iceberg Principle applies: there is far more hidden beneath the surface than can be discerned above.

We are in danger as a nation of going down to our knees not because of fools and mountebanks in high places but because of the self-centered complacency of Americans.Americans often display an unnerving tendency to naïveté and gullibility. Surveys have repeatedly shown that they suspect they cannot fully trust much of their political leadership (evidence supports this conclusion) but they believe that most of the people they elect in their state, district, locale, etc. are basically “doing a good job” (a notion in conflict with their first premise). They further assume that things are typically as they have been told by sources they trust, or much as they appear (usually not true; only rarely are things actually as they appear). Thus they are easily manipulated by power brokers of the right or left who really don’t care about the noble values some of them hold dear.

There is a reluctance to deal with these infirmities even by those who may partially perceive them. Americans, even some of the best, have now been profoundly conditioned by a self-absorbed society that wants everything quick and simple. If Americans won’t sacrifice even their time to really understand our nation’s peril, then they surely will not sacrifice themselves in the battle that the salvation of our nation and our way of life will require.

The ultimate key to the honoring of truth – not part of it, but all of it – and the principles and values that compose the American Creed – not part of them, but all of them – is the American people themselves. That reality should not give comfort, merely some reason for hope.

[Scarborough is the author of Into the Night- The Crisis of Western Civilization (www.INTOTHENIGHTBOOK.COM), founder of Decision Point America, lawyer and former adjunct professor of international studies, history and political science. He can be reached through]

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